Dober-Man Issues #1 & #2 Review

Dober-man is an exciting and fun adventure for anyone that enjoys 60’s Batman.  This comic stars Burt West as Dober-man, and Ward Adams as his sidekick Beagle as they take a bite out of crime.   Riddled with classic throw backs to Adam West’s Batman, and dog related puns we set on a mystery to find a criminal who is stealing from other criminals.  As the story goes we see familiar tropes and gadgets such as the Paw Signal and the Dober-mobile that sprinkle familiarity in a new character.  But it doesn’t end there we get to meet an entire rogues gallery including the fan favorite Tyrant O’Saurus, a green Irish T-Rex.  All in all this comic was a great time full of familiar yet refreshing comic tropes.  In a world full of dark and gritty comic heroes Dober-man dares to be fun, funny, and bright.




By Christopher Rundt

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