Supernal Event Issue #1 Review

By Christopher Rundt

Supernal Event is the very definition of indie comics.  Will Rodriguez is not only the author and penciler but also the letterer, inker, and colorist for this introductory issue.  At its core Supernatural Event is an origin story for Puerto Rican superhero Boricua Patriot with layers of modern religious views. 

At its start this comic shows a man (Jon Spalda) and women (Anna) discovering the tomb of an entity who reveals himself as what we know as god from most forms of religious mythology.  This god then shows an epic event from before the beginning of time that lead to its creation and eventually causes him to find his way to earth.  Through a series of events great power is given to Jon, who is told to be the new messiah to this world.  After these events Jon and Anna find themselves on the boat of friend Jorge and his son.

The overall story of this book is very interesting and is the start of a well-designed new superhero.  Boricua Patriot is shown very late in the book but the few panels he is in you get a good idea of the ideology behind this character.  He feels that corruption in his country, that has led his father down his path, needs to be fought against. 

With one person doing all the art chores on this book all three phases mingle with perfection.  I really enjoy Will's art style throughout this book making every panel unique to him.  The coloring work mingles perfectly with the feel of the comic and story.

Overall I really enjoyed this comic book and would recommend it to anyone looking for a new superhero to dive into.  It seems that Will Rodriguez is creating a fun and interesting universe for this character to live and breathe.  I look forward to future issues, hopefully coming soon.

8/10 Good



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