Street Clothes #1 Review

Costumes be Damned

By Chris Rundt

The first issue of Travis Holyfield's Street Clothes is at it's core a story about a supervillian's life after the costume.  As you would expect a piece of her past comes back to haunt our protagonist, Kate Chang.
We start off with Kate doing an odd job for the Irish Mob.  After she returns to a local bar, full of B list supervillians, we learn that they all have a tragic story that lead them to rock bottom.   And as you can imagine I won't spoil the story any more.
Everything about this comic is great.  This issue sets up an intriguing start to a story with so much potental.  The art in this book is fitting to the tone and mood of the world created here.  Basically everything fits together like a puzzle. 
Currently Street Clothes isn't available outside of the kickstarter backers, but Holyfield has said that it will soon be made available, print and digitally, on his website.  Keep your eyes here to learn when and where you can purchase Street Clothes.

Creative Team:
Written by Travis Holyfield
Art by Von Randal
Color by Scott Psionic
Lettering by Taylor Esposito

Verdict: 8.75/10